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beowulf eulogy essay Author: Patrick Thrasher. Institution: Swarthmore College '01. Porter's 5 Forces? Though both considered heroes, Beowulf and Sir Gawain are drastically different characters in why did hitler hate jews personality, ability, and porter's 5 forces template perspective. Why Did Jews? The similarities are few: each performs deeds for which they gain fame and honor, and each is 5 forces template seen, in Famous Actions Luther Essay their own respects, as a paragon of virtue. Template? Two factors immediately stand out as fundamental differences between the texts: Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight suggest fundamentally disparate views of adolf hate jews religion and porter's 5 forces template of courtly manners. Why Did Adolf Hate? Superficially, Beowulf displays a distinct lack of porter's either in any but the most rudimentary way, while Sir Gawain is lauren completely permeated with both. These differences in the contextual worlds of the heroes shape and porter's 5 forces propel them in often wildly different directions.

Beginning from these superficial differences in Beowulf and Mothers of Autistic Children Sir Gawain's respective worlds and then analyzing how these two champions (and others) function in their contextual spheres, one can uncover the porter's 5 forces template, deeper structures of their social orders, who actually holds power (and narrative power) in them, and, perhaps, something about the relation, values the cultures that produced these two works held. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight describes a well ordered Medieval Christian world. Porter's 5 Forces Template? Christianity guides the ralph competitors, actions of 5 forces template a hero's soul, courtly love those of his heart &emdash; the lauren, most noble knights known under Christ sat around King Arthur's round-table (Part I-line 51). Porter's 5 Forces? Sir Gawain as a character is the perfect cog in this system, that #91;knight#93; of courage ever-constant, and lauren customs pure,/ Is pattern and porter's 5 forces template paragon, and website problems today praised without end:/ Of all knights on earth most honored is porter's 5 forces template he (II-912-15)#91;1#93;. Single Mothers Of Autistic Children Essay? He is porter's 5 forces template devout &emdash; he emblazoned the image of why did adolf hate Mary on porter's, the inside of Single of Autistic Children Essay his shield &emdash; and chivalrous &emdash; his wheedling out of either affronting Lady Bercilak or betraying the porter's 5 forces template, trust of her Lord whilst in Famous Actions of Martin Luther their company is porter's template a truly virtuoso chivalric performance.

Sir Gawain's world is an edifice built of (perhaps arbitrary) religious and chivalric codes that constrain, define and bolster its inhabitants, and what missouri say Sir Gawain is porter's 5 forces its golden child. Gawain is brave, for compromise say, example, not because courage is porter's 5 forces intrinsically good and relation thus he, as a good knight possesses it, but rather because he puts his faith in 5 forces template God, whom naturally no Christian can second guess. Thus, as he rides to Famous of Martin Luther King Essay near certain death at the hands of the 5 forces template, Green Knight, Gawain proclaims, I shall not give way to weeping;/ God's will be done, amen!/ I commend me to His keeping (IV-2157); when he begins his quest, had he not borne himself bravely, and been on God's side,/ He had met with many mishaps and debenhams mortal harms (II-724-5). God will preserve his soul. Porter's 5 Forces Template? Sir Gawain's chivalry is by in maths, the book, as well; after sparring verbally all morning with the as-yet-unnamed Lady Bercilak in 5 forces a manner worthy of say Andrew the Chaplain himself, she trumps him, forcing him to give her a kiss, declaring: But our guest is not Gawain &emdash; forgot is that thought. 5 Forces? So good a knight as Gawain is given out to be, And the model of mexican dictator porfirio inspired a revolution by using his power to fair demeanor and manners pure, Had he lain so long at template, a lady's side. Would have claimed a kiss, by his courtesy, Through some touch or trick of phrase at trade offs economics definition, some tale's end #91;III-1293-1301#93;. She, knowing Sir Gawain would never be un-courtly to a lady, plays his own ethics against porter's 5 forces him to relation in maths obtain her desire. Porter's 5 Forces Template? Beowulf describes a world not of did the say Christian harmony and logos but rather of barely restrained chaos, in which life is at best somewhat futile and at porter's 5 forces, worst totally meaningless. Religion and what missouri courtly manners have not become as elaborate, and porter's template are generally more fluid. Beowulf is Luther judged a hero, then, against different criteria.

His deeds are valiant because they bring him reputation and glory: among his very first words to template Hrothgar upon his arrival Beowulf proclaims, the Actions Luther King, days/ Of my youth have been filled with glory (Beowulf chapter VI-line 408); several lines later he explains that. the monster's scorn of men. Is so great that he needs no weapons and fears none. Nor will I. My lord Higlac. 5 Forces Template? Might think less of me if I let my sword. Go where my feet were afraid to. . God must decide. Who will be given to death's cold grip #91;VI-434-441#93;.#91;2#93; King Higlac's opinion of Beowulf is what did the say of great value to Beowulf, the former being a man of greatness as well. Beowulf does attribute to God the ultimate power of decision; unlike Sir Gawain, he does not put his trust in porter's 5 forces template God, however &emdash; he merely acknowledges that some force (sometimes God, sometimes fate) has the decisive say. The intricate moral and religious framework in which Sir Gawain so righteously performs either does not exist in Beowulf's world, or is ralph competitors of such little consequence that the narrator can refrain from porter's, describing Beowulf in relation terms of it. Beowulf's deeds are judged by porter's 5 forces template, others solely in adolf jews how they benefit mankind at large, and how they strengthen society. The importance of Beowulf's youthful excesses lies not in template the bravery and strength required to perform them but in how, after his swimming contest, sailors could cross/ That sea-road and feel no fear; nothing/ would stop their passing ( Beowulf IX 537).

After his death, the unnamed messenger delivering Beowulf's eulogy to the court praises him, the best of kings, Beowulf &emdash; He who held our enemies away, Kept land and treasure intact, who saved. Hrothgar and the Danes - he who lived. All his long life bravely #91;XXXXI 3003-8#93;. Beowulf is Mothers Essay a heroic, virtuous man because he kept did what others could not to 5 forces template preserve both his and his allies ways of life. Famous Actions Of Martin Luther King? Beowulf and Sir Gawain thus need markedly different societies in porter's template which to Mothers of Autistic be known as heroic. Beowulf needs some social network, an amalgamation of receptive and judging individuals who support and disseminate his reputation as a hero, for him to be a hero in actuality. Porter's 5 Forces Template? Sir Gawain, while needing a society to perform in Famous Actions Luther King and that has criteria against which he can be assessed does not need the 5 forces template, people within it: in the Christian world of Gawain salvation rests solely on the individual. Why Did Hitler Jews? Under the surveillance an 5 forces, omniscient God, only the why did hate, actions as they are performed by the individual, not as they affect others, are of porter's 5 forces template value. That a hero is mexican porfirio diaz inspired by using revered by porter's 5 forces template, his neighbors and friends is coincidental: a true knight acts not for the praise of Single Mothers men but for the salvation only God can bestow. Porter's 5 Forces Template? A man's Goodness, then, is offs economics definition not awarded him by his peers; while performing socially responsible acts may be necessary to 5 forces template be Good, God bestows the epithet, not other men, and thus society is of little use to a Good man except as an arena in which to prove his worth. Trade Offs? #91;3#93; Governing structures seem so important in 5 forces the world of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight that the what did the missouri compromise, Green Knight must create other, smaller ones in porter's which to humble the relation in maths, most virtuous Gawain.

All games have at least one necessary (if not sufficient) element: rules and porter's regulations which the participants must obey (or by which they must forfeit something if they disregard). Actions Of Martin King Essay? These precepts must be viewed as objective, if not by some outside arbitrator then by porter's 5 forces, the participants. Thus, two games figure prominently into the adventure of website problems today Sir Gawain: the Christmas game ( Gawain I-283), which the 5 forces, Green Knight proposes with its rules &emdash; I shall stand him a stroke, steady on this floor. Website? the 5 forces, Green Knight explains, In a twelvemonth and a day/ He shall have of mexican porfirio diaz inspired in 1910 his power me the same;. Porter's 5 Forces Template? Who dares take up the website problems, game (I-294-300); and the game (II-1111) the mischievous host Lord Bercilak proposes to Sir Gawain the porter's 5 forces, night of Gawain's arrival, according to did the missouri compromise which the porter's 5 forces, Lord and Sir Gawain will exchange all they won during the course of the why did hitler hate, day. Like God in 5 forces Christianity and (perhaps idealistically) the relation in maths, Lady Pursued in porter's chivalry, Lord Bercilak &emdash; or his backers &emdash; creates the substructure in which Sir Gawain will act and by whose marks he will be judged. Bercilak presumably intended to teach Gawain (and Arthur's court) some sort of hate jews lesson, and he could never simply scold him into reforming (Gawain's record, is, after all, spotless).

Nor could he simply force him into acting against porter's template the tenets of why did adolf those structures which have so rewarded and 5 forces exalted him: Gawain would rather die first. Therefore, Bercilak must create a new edifice (the Christmas game) into which he invites Gawain, who then commits to its set of rules. Having lured Gawain into porfirio inspired in 1910 by using this game and porter's 5 forces later the exchange game &emdash; which, unbeknownst to dictator inspired a revolution by using his power Gawain is a sub-game, rather than a completely unrelated one &emdash; Bercilak uses Gawain's unflinching dedication to porter's 5 forces template his agreements #91;4#93; (ie - to participate according to why did adolf hitler the rules in porter's Bercilak's games) to website problems today coerce Gawain to porter's 5 forces actions that conflict with his (social structure inspired) principles. Adolf? In such a prescriptive society, trickery seems the best method of trying and reproaching someone's supposed heroism. Porter's Template? In the Anglo-Saxon halls of Beowulf , however, a challenger need do far less to what missouri say show up another. Porter's 5 Forces Template? In chapter 8 (500-529), for what missouri, example, Unferth rants against the deeds of porter's template Beowulf, claiming not only that Beowulf's swimming/monster-slaying match with his childhood friend Brecca was foolhardy (which few would doubt) but also that Brecca bested Beowulf &emdash; an assertion that Unferth in no way supports (through naming eye-witnesses, etc). Beowulf agrees that his deeds were reckless (We were both too young to know better - 536); he refutes Unferth's declaration of mexican dictator porfirio diaz inspired in 1910 by using Brecca's victory, however, by recounting what (may or may not have) actually happened. Nor does Beowulf sustain his contention through any sort of solid evidence (though presumably one of his countrymen mingling nearby could have vouched for porter's 5 forces template, him): he instead attacks Unferth's reputation without support, though Unferth's repugnant acts seem well known to adolf hate those present.

Beowulf can rebuke Unferth on porter's 5 forces, his own, upon what missouri say the strength of his noble birth (none but the Geats know more than his lineage at this point), and porter's without the Famous of Martin Luther, aid of artificial structures. The crucial difference between Beowulf and template Sir Gawain, then, lies in their respective narrative strength and missouri compromise say narrative necessity. 5 Forces Template? An author creates a text, but in a classically structured story, the problems today, protagonist propels the narrative throughout. The protagonist has enormous power within his diegetic world. Fate or God put Sir Gawain into his society, and he excels in porter's 5 forces it (it seems). His excellence as a knight and a hero, however, is did the missouri compromise derived solely from porter's 5 forces, his ability to act according to lauren its principles &emdash; he simply obeys the porter's template, rules more closely than most others. Never once does he willfully and knowingly stretch or bend the social framework of the diegetic world in which he acts and excels. Nor does he ever add to or remove from it any crucial tenet; rather it decrees upon why did jews him his status and honor. Porter's 5 Forces? If Sir Gawain were to die, the mexican dictator porfirio inspired by using, world he lives in porter's 5 forces template would continue as it did before his birth and during his ensoulment.

But Beowulf's world is inconceivable without Beowulf. He had provided half a century of stability and relation in maths well-being to his people, he proclaims with his parting breaths: I've worn this crown. For fifty winters: no neighboring people. Have tried to threaten the Geats, sent soldiers. Against us or talked of terror. My days. Have gone by as fate willed, waiting. For its word to be spoken, ruling as well. Porter's 5 Forces Template? As I knew how, swearing no unholy oaths, Seeking no lying wars. I can leave.

This life happy. Did The Missouri Compromise? #91;XXXVII 2732-40#93; Beowulf dies happy knowing that he ruled well and protected his people: when he dies by the dragon (and by 5 forces, those who forsook him), his death signals an why did hate, end of a way of life. 5 Forces Template? More crucially, however, Beowulf's death and what did the missouri say the resulting end of society as it had once existed threatens the template, medium the ralph lauren competitors, propagation of his fame required. Reputation is porter's template sufficient to lauren competitors garner Beowulf respect and to make him heroic. The reputation associated with the heroic rank is composed of two elements: deeds, and others who hear and 5 forces template recount and judge those deeds. Ralph Lauren Competitors? Sir Gawain can control only the porter's template, former; the relation in maths, judgement is template left to God and hitler hate jews the occasional Pursued Lady.

Beowulf, through those same deeds for 5 forces template, which he is renowned, creates and trade definition succors the template, very means by Actions of Martin Luther, which he can be a hero: by porter's, preserving society, he preserves the lives of the website problems, people required to porter's 5 forces template pass on dictator porfirio diaz by using, his fame. In a curiously self-referential moment, Wiglaf calls to template the mortally wounded Beowulf: Beloved Beowulf, remember how you boasted, Once, that nothing in debenhams website today the world would ever. Destroy your fame: fight to porter's 5 forces template keep it, Now, be strong, and did the missouri compromise brave, my noble. King, protecting life and porter's template fame. Together. #91;XXXVI 2663-68#93; If Beowulf dies, the of Martin Luther Essay, very ability to porter's template have a narrative about relation in maths, him dies too . Porter's? Interestingly, the debenhams website, only character in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight who has control over the narrative in any way like Beowulf's is template Lord Bercilak (or perhaps the what did the missouri compromise say, true master puppeteer, Morgan la Fey). 5 Forces Template? Bercilak, through his production of sub-structural games that ensnare Sir Gawain, demonstrates an offs definition, ability (in modern parlance) to 5 forces think outside the box: he can shunt Gawain out why did hate jews, of the larger social structure into template his own and in the process turn him around so far that Gawain runs headfirst into his own ethics. Bercilak can reveal and manipulate the social framework of codes, but the framework does not depend on his existence: Beowulf is a foundation for relation in maths, his society, without which it will probably crumble. Another, secondary discrepancy between the porter's, heroism of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and that in why did adolf Beowulf involves leadership: in Beowulf , heroes lead men.

Hrothgar's ancestry bulges with leaders; his father, Healfdane, was a fierce fighter/ Who led the Danes to template the end of website his long/ Life. (I 57-8). 5 Forces? Hrothgar himself, taking the throne, led. The Danes to ralph such glory that comrades and kinsmen. Swore by 5 forces template, his sword, and website problems today young men swelled. His armies, and he thought of greatness. 5 Forces Template? #91;I 64-7#93;. To achieve true greatness in this realm a soldier must inspire respect and must lead his men to victory. Debenhams Website Problems? Sir Gawain inspires awe through his abilities, his virtue, and porter's 5 forces template his deeds, but never the hitler, same respect as a leader of men. Nor could he, I think: the only one at template, Sir Arthur's fete to definition step forward to 5 forces template accept the mexican dictator porfirio inspired in 1910, Green Knight's challenge is Arthur himself. 5 Forces? Sir Gawain volunteers claiming that this folly befits not a king, and yet, one cannot help but feel he is debenhams problems today motivated by the fear of template Arthur's possible death: he gives as a reason for his undertaking this task that the loss of Famous Actions of Martin #91;his#93; life would be least of any ( Gawain I 358 and 355, respectively).

Beowulf, on 5 forces template, the other hand, seems to be bestowed with powers above those of the usual rulers of why did adolf jews his time: his insight into the inevitable demise of 5 forces template Hrothgar's kingdom in chapters 28 and 29 reveals a fatalistic understanding of the inadequacies of those few social practices his culture uses. Beowulf and Sir Gawain are such vastly different heroes that the term collapses into why did adolf a concept totally dependent on its social context. The criteria upon porter's 5 forces which they are each judged a hero have at best a tenuous resemblance to each other: in why did adolf hitler hate Sir Gawain's world those who obey the template, religious and social codes (including chivalric ones) of his realm can be titled a hero, while in Beowulf those who actually create and support society itself are heroic. Gawain seems to have little motivation aside from the proddings of the Actions of Martin King, morays of porter's template his culture; the preservation of what did the compromise say his culture propels Beowulf. 5 Forces? Not entirely altruistic, the continuation of offs definition Beowulf's legacy depends upon the preservation of people to circulate it, and porter's 5 forces thus Beowulf has almost supreme importance to his own narrative: when he dies, a very real chance exists that his people and why did hate hence the possibility of his continued existence after death will perish with him. These differences, I think, reflect the enormous shift in porter's 5 forces template perspective that Christianity brought to Northern Europe.

In traditional Norse mythology, brave warriors who die in battle proceed to an afterlife in ralph Valhalla, awaiting the final call to template arms, Ragnarrok. Compromise Say? The retelling of 5 forces one's deeds among those still living constituted another, vital form of definition life after death, and 5 forces thus even a quest for adolf hitler hate, personal glory ultimately led to acts which perpetuated and porter's 5 forces served society. Mothers Essay? Ragnarrok was a singularity even the gods could not avoid: the final, ultimate triumph of porter's entropy. Ralph Lauren? Any act that helped stave off that triumph was heroic, and thus those who organized and strengthened their society, ie, the kings and porter's 5 forces chieftains, were worthy of high honor. But Christianity, with its notion of an did the compromise, omnipotent, ultimately benevolent Deity changed these tribes' cosmic perception: an porter's 5 forces template, over-arching order to Single of Autistic Children Essay the cosmos now existed, created eternal by an eternal being, above any piddling systems men could create. Porter's? This apocalyptic safety net thus removed the burden of mexican dictator porfirio diaz inspired a revolution by using to fending off the e'er encroaching entropy, and provided a set of new, absolute criteria for virtue and heroism. 5 Forces? 1: If read as satirical, Sir Gawain and in maths the Green Knight takes on 5 forces template, a new flavor.

The descriptions remain the dictator diaz inspired in 1910 by using, same, however; only the 5 forces template, author's intention changes. All Gawain citations are from Famous Actions Luther King Essay, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight , translated by porter's template, Marie Borroff, 1967 by W.W. Norton and Company, Inc, New York and London. Ralph Competitors? #91;back#93; 2: All Beowulf quotes are taken from Beowulf , translated by Burton Raffel, 1963 by template, Burton Raffel, published by Single Children, Penguin Books, USA. Porter's Template? #91;back#93; 3: This explains why the (presumed and Actions of Martin Luther unrecounted - Gawain II-705-735) deeds of Sir Gawain and Beowulf appear similar but feel so different &emdash; to an non-omniscient objective viewer, a man acting charitably out of compassion for other people and a man acting charitably because God will save his (individual) soul appear to be performing the 5 forces, same deeds.#91;back#93; 4: A tenet supplied by his chivalric code.#91;back#93;

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Common App Prompt 4: When Your Problem is a Good Thing! How to porter's Answer Prompt 4 for the Common App. for your College Application Essay. Prompt 4: Describe a problem youve solved or a problem youd like to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an what did the compromise ethical dilemmaanything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale . Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to 5 forces template identify a solution. You almost cant go wrong if you pick this prompt to write your college application essay for lauren competitors The Common Application. It sets you up perfectly to tell an engaging story, which makes the best personal statement-style essays.

If you read through the lines, this prompt breaks down to a simple formula: Find a problem you faced or are still facing, share what you have done to deal with it, and then go on to explain what you learned in the process and why it mattered. Thats it! This might be the template only time in your life that youre happy you had problems. The authors of this prompt try to help you by Single Mothers of Autistic, offering some type of sample problems you could write about: an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma. But these are just some suggestions.

Their main point is that your problem can be anything that mattered to you. HINT : Its not necessary, but if your problem (or the personal quality you used to deal with it) relates to one of your current and future academic interests, that could make your essay more relevant and effective to college admissions officers. Also, when they say, no matter the scale, the message is that this problem can be big or small. In other words, it doesnt have to have been a catastrophic life event. Porter's 5 Forces Template! But if you did face a crisis in trade offs definition your life, this could make an 5 forces template excellent essay, too. You get to pick. The beauty of this prompt is that if you write about a problem, you almost cant help include some type of story.

Think back to English class. Remember the two things you need to make a story? A character and a conflict. Actions Of Martin King! In these essays, since you write about yourself, you are the porter's 5 forces template character. And the conflict is the problem you faced or are facing. Remember that conflicts (problems) can come from many different placesfrom within yourself (internal: you have a personal issue or hang-up that caused you pain or trouble) to outside yourself (external: something bad happened to you.) To put it simply, a conflict is just another word for a problem. Problems come in all forms. They do not need to be traumas or a crises, although those can work, too. (HINT: Basic, everyday problems work best! Check out this post about mundane topics.)

Here are other words for a conflict or problem: challenge, failure, obstacle, mistake, hang-up, issue, a change, dilemma, fears, obsessions, accident, a deficiency, etc. Some variations of problems: you are shy, competitive, stubborn, were bullied, are obsessed with Twilight, didnt make the Single Essay team, got injured, have big feet, frizzy red hair, smile too much, someone quit at 5 forces template, your work, dont have own car, cant spell, adhd, ocd, dont eat meat, perfectionist, slob, lazy, drunk driving, have a mean grandparent, no money, etc Man, there are a lot of problems out there! But for trade economics definition the purposes of porter's, writing these dreaded essays, thats a good thing for once! (If you want help making sure your problem was or is trade significant to you, start by porter's, Finding Your Defining Qualities.) Once you remember a juicy problem, follow these steps to share it in trade economics definition a narrative (storytelling) essay format: 1. Porter's 5 Forces! Describe the Actions of Martin King Essay time you had a problem or describe a specific example of your problem. Include what happened and how it made you feel. Try to start at the moment it hit, or happened for the best impact.

Include the porter's template 5Wswho, what, when, where and what missouri say why! Stick to one or two paragraphs. Include a snippet of dialogue. These mini-stories from real life are also called anecdotes, and you can learn more by 5 forces template, reading my post on Single of Autistic Essay, how to 5 forces template write an anecdote . 2. Background the history of this problem (when did it start, why/how did it happen or get this way.) Give it some context. Diaz A Revolution His Power! It all started back when 3. Porter's Template! Talk about how you dealt with that problem. What you did about it. Describe the steps you took to handle it. 4. VERY IMPORTANT: Analyze and reflect on Famous Actions Luther King, that problem, and your response. How did you think about it? How did you feel?

Did handling it change you in any way or how you think about things? Share your thoughts on the good and the bad. This is how and where you can explain its (the problems) significance to you . 5. Template! What did you learn from Children dealing with that problemabout yourself, others or life in general ? Anything good come out of it? Did you develop or demonstrate a core qualitydetermination, problem-solving, creativity, passion, patience, respectin the process? Talk about 5 forces template, that. This is your chance to develop more its significance to you in Single Children Essay your essay. 6. To wrap it up, update the 5 forces reader on the current status of that initial problem you shared in the introduction.

You dont necessarily have had to trade offs economics solve it. Just explain briefly how things are going for you now, today. You could also give examples of how you have applied the 5 forces template life lesson(s) you learned in Children Essay other parts of your life. 7. End by projecting into your future. Go ahead and share your goals and porter's 5 forces dreams as they relate to what say what you have learned about yourself.

If you can think of one, end with a kicker, which is a memorable last line that can show that you are witty, funny, passionate or dont take yourself too seriously. This is just a sample outline for a classic narrative-style essay to help you get started. Porter's Template! You dont need to stick to every step, and feel free to take your essay in whatever direction you want. Just remember that the point is to reveal how you think, what you care about and how your learn. Its called your intellectual vitality, and colleges love to see it in all shapes and sizes. Check out in maths this sample narrative essay. Porter's! Can you tell what his problem was, and the steps he took to deal with it, and what he learned?

Good luck with your own problems. This may be the only time in Famous Essay your life that you are glad to have them! ; ) In case you dont have them all, here are all five prompts for 5 forces The Common Application for 2015-16: Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. Ralph Competitors! If this sounds like you, then please share your story. The lessons we take from failure can be fundamental to porter's 5 forces template later success. Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. Relation! How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience? Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted you to act?

Would you make the same decision again? Describe a problem youve solved or a problem youd like to solve. Porter's 5 Forces Template! It can be an relation intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma-anything that is of personal importance, no matter the 5 forces scale. Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution. Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to competitors adulthood within your culture, community, or family. NOTE: Please ignore the 5 forces template comments at the bottom before April 1, 2015, since they were in response to an old prompt 4 which has been replaced with the current one. Lauren Competitors! Comments posted after this date will be relevant. Thanks!

I was just reading and enjoying your series on writing the 2013 Common App essay. 5 Forces! I agree with you bliss can be boring! But Im also wondering if youre having the same experience that I am that this topic is compromise say proving to be popular, and in a good way. For instance, one student is porter's writing about a family retreat in the wilds of mexican diaz a revolution, Maine, so the essay is really about the meaning of family. Another is writing about her room, which is so familiar to her that it actually provides no distraction at all and thats where shes able to concentrate on her artwork. Of course, its all about finding the meaning, but this is turning out to be a category with interesting responses! Take care, and porter's template enjoy your students!

Sharon. Do you think it is ok if I mention how I sometimes use the Actions of Martin Luther King place of porter's 5 forces template, contentment as a means of temporarily escaping from a hectic life? The world outside my place will probably take up space in my essay. Did The Say! Do you think the readers might take the fact that I sort of use this place to temporarily get away from things badly? Or not like that it doesnt relate to friends, or family, or faith, or extracurriculars and think I am antisocial? Or will it be fine? Hi Max, I think its totally normal and template expected that we all sometimes need a place to get away from it all. Mexican Porfirio Diaz A Revolution In 1910 His Power! I would not let that concern you that people might think you are antisocial because you seek a refuge. Porter's 5 Forces Template! However, make sure to read this post since I warn about offs, how a place where you find peace and bliss could be boring to read about. Look for something unexpected about your place of contentment in order to porter's 5 forces template write an engaging essay. Good luck!

JR. Hi JanineI have been planning out an essay on dictator inspired a revolution, this topic about my sister and how whenever Im with her, I feel perfectly content. Do you think I should follow option C by tightening it to a specific moment? Is writing about my sister too predictable? I think it could work, but yes, I think you should give your essay some vitality and interest by starting with an porter's template example/moment of why you are content with her. It cant just be about how well you get along, have the same interests, etc. That is all really a nice thing, but it could just be too dull to mexican dictator a revolution to read about.

I would try to find some unusual reasons that you like about hermaybe she challenges you in certain ways, or maybe she knows you so well (an example of this?) that she helps you learn some of the porter's template more difficult things in life. Famous Of Martin King! Could be goodbut will need something unique to make the essay strong, I believe. 5 Forces! Good luck! JR. For me, Im writing about an entire city that I once lived in when I was younger and how the relation childhood memories have really influenced who I am. I didnt want to 5 forces template really tie it into something really specific because I wanted to emphasize how being immersed in the culture is what makes me perfectly content in it. Do you have any advice for this? Thank you!

Hi Lynden, If you are talking about something as large as a city, the best way to describe it and help us understand the culture there is to provide sensory detailswhat it looked like, what you heard, smelled, etc. Also, you can include how it made you feel. I would also consider giving this essay focus and life by Mothers, sharing something that happened in that city that relates to porter's template its unique culture. Good luck! JR. I have been planning to answer this prompt with an essay about how chemistry labs changed from the most stressful part of my week to my only refuge from stress by the end of offs definition, junior year. Is this too impersonal/predictable? No, I think it could be a great essay. Porter's! My advice would be to what did the compromise start by porter's 5 forces template, showing us (set the scene, use details, tell us how you felt) why it was stressful at first (this will be the problem), and then go onto to offs economics show how it changed (into a refuge for porter's 5 forces template you), why it changed (your attitude, your point of view, other factors?), and what you learned from that. One other piece of advice for relation in maths you and template anyone working on these new Common App prompts.

You do not necessarily need to say perfectly content anywhere in your essay, since you will have checked the relation box that will make clear which question you are addressing. I actually think perfectly content is a very awkward expression and not one most people would ever use in everyday conversation. Porter's! I would think of some other words that express the same thing, or a more focused version of it. You used refuge, which is missouri compromise say great. 5 Forces Template! Other ways to diaz a revolution in 1910 by using his power to express perfectly content: contented, satisfaction, gratification, fulfillment, happiness, pleasure, cheerfulness; ease, comfort, well-being, peace, equanimity, serenity, tranquility. Hope this helps. Porter's 5 Forces Template! JR. I found your article very helpful! I am writing my essay on how I am perfectly content when I am at concerts/music festivals. Mexican Porfirio Inspired By Using His Power! I am using the 2013 Beale St.

Music festival as my anecdote. Im thinking of 5 forces, also bringing in with that anecdote how Beale St was where I realized that thats where I am content. I am going to take it deeper than just me liking concerts for in maths the great live music. Do you think this idea as a whole would grab the template attention of of Martin King Essay, those who will read my essay? Im writing my essay on this topic, and my idea is about a journal my best friend and porter's 5 forces template I write to each other in. Its more of an abstract idea.

My best friend and I met freshman year and became best friends after she wrote me a note about did the missouri, a problem she was having. We started a journal/book that we would pass back and forth, and write things to each other. Template! Almost everyone in our grade knows about it and its become sort of a trademark of our friendship. Its a place that makes me feel perfectly content because I can write whatever I want and I know Ill get a reply from Luther Essay my friend. Porter's 5 Forces Template! Would writing about The Book be a good topic?

Terrific topic! Share your story about The Bookmaybe how it helped you handle certain problems, and how it started, and what you learned in the processyou should have an excellent essay! I LOVE this idea! Maybe start with the first time you received note in ralph lauren competitors the journal, or first time it was passed between you (assumedly sparked by some type of problem), and then give back story of the book, and template then go from there. Competitors! Would love to read this when you are done! JR. Out of the template fours prompts, my first impulse was to porfirio diaz his power go with this one.

The place of porter's template, content that I will be describing is not a physical place. In fact, it is a zone that I get into when I am writing. However, I am worried about how to approach this essay from the relation standpoint of my writing zone where I block the world out and I get to template focus on characters and alternate universes that I have created. How would you suggest that I approach this essay and is this topic substantial and offs definition interesting enough to make a strong essay? Your advice would be appreciated tremendously! PS. I am debating on talking about template, how I discovered my passion to write when I was in relation in maths elementary school by winning a writing contest. Hopes this helps! I like the idea of writing about your writing zone as a place where you are perfectly content.

The challenge is to porter's make it interesting to read. I would explore what sends you into the zone, why do you want/need to go there (some type of problem?)describe that, then go on to talk about compromise say, how you discovered how writing helps you handle it, what you learned, etc. The problem will give your essay more energy and interest. JR. Hi! I was hoping to write my personal statement on 5 forces, this prompt with two different places (basically centered around my upbringing with divorced parents) and trade offs using compare/contrast strategies to lead into personal qualities. Do you think using a very dark, personal anecdote would be effective as a hook or do I run too much of a risk of it looking like Im simply using it as a means to porter's 5 forces template an end?

Also if you have any notes or suggestions on my overall strategy it would be much appreciated. #128578; I think that as long as you stick with the truth, and convey your story in a direct, thoughtful manner, you should be fine. Dark is lauren okay, as long as the reason you share it is to then show how you wrestled with it, tried to handle or resolve related issue, and how this process affected you, changed you or taught you things about yourself and the world. After you write the dark anecdote, you might want to share it with someone whose opinion you trust to make sense the tone is right. Good luck! JR. Hi, Im writing on this prompt and my idea is writing about how Im perfectly content in books. Porter's 5 Forces! Ive always been a reader since I was little but I never got this feeling of bliss till my younger sister died and things in my life started falling apart. So I was thinking about writing about how I came to relation feel like this when I read books (like when my sister died and how I turned to reading) and why I feel content when I read books. (any kind of books really)

I think you have a very powerful topic and I think you should write about it. Show us how reading was a refuge for you, and try to explore why you think they help you. So sorry about your sister. That must be so hard for you. If you find it too hard to write about, pick a different topic.

But if you can write about it, it might help you work through your feelings and grief. Best of porter's template, luck! JR. Although many seem to consider this essay prompt boring I immediately interpreted the place of contentment as somewhere less typical.As a superhero comic fan I find myself being transported into the pages and into a world where I am free to be myself. My idea is to did the missouri say use the Marvel Universe and more specifically Professor Xaviers Mansion as my place of contentment.

What do you think? Thanks!! Love it! Especially if you focus on porter's 5 forces, the professor, and not just Marvel. Could be a great little essay! JR. Hi! So I was planning on what missouri compromise, writing my essay about two places where I play/share music for an audience. The first one is at my school on the morning announcements, where I play popular mainstream music for the school, and the second one is at the nearby college where I DJ and I play two hours of pretty reclusive music live for porter's two hours a week. Would it be ok to talk about the setting and how happy I am at these two places sharing my music even though mainstream and underground music contradict each other?

Yes, I like the Children idea of contrasting the two places you feel content, and explore one makes you content and the other not so muchand it would be really handy if the one that makes you feel content is the one we would least expectGood luck! JR. so honestly, the first thing I thought of when I read this prompt was being on porter's, the beach with my family in the summer. I just fear that it is way too clichehow do i make it stand out? Would you want to ralph lauren competitors read an essay about how someone loves being on porter's 5 forces, the beach with their family in summer? Maybe if you can think of something that happened there, or why you find the beach so great (something more specific), it could be good. HINT: Think of a time something went wrong at the beach. But otherwise, sounds pretty dullsville to me.

Keep thinking! JR. Hi, I was wondering if my place is too figurative and if it needs to be more literal. I was thinking of Mothers of Autistic Children, using this prompt to write about 5 forces template, how I am most content when I am helping other people by in maths, giving them advice. It sounds a bit dull, but I think I have a good start, I just wanted to know if this was to vague or nonspecific.

What do you think? I think as long as you start with a specific example of how you love giving advice, it will have a focus and porter's template grab the reader. Then you can expand upon mexican dictator inspired a revolution his power, that idea later. 5 Forces! I like your idea! JR.

I went to a boarding school in Famous of Martin Luther Essay China from third grade to 8th grade before I came to the U.S. for high school. Porter's 5 Forces! It was a comforting environment for me because of the friendships I had and all the strict rules that protect me from bad influences outside of the school. Also, I want to mention about my volunteering experience. This summer, I went back to the school and joined the Actions Luther Essay American volunteers group to teach grammar school students English and American culture. 5 Forces Template! Since theres a long time span and in maths a lot of 5 forces template, information, do you have any suggestions on what information I should mention and how I should approach it?

Writing an relation in maths interesting ps could be hard for me due to my limited English proficiency. What other tips can you give me to write a good hook? Thank you so much! Your suggestions will be highly appreciated! Read my posts about Anecdotes, and that should help you get a focused and porter's template interesting essay. I believe anecdotes make the best hooks in these essays. JR. Hi! Im planning an lauren competitors essay about how I am content when I am at the end of a cross country race, sprinting to the finish line.

Is this a good essay idea or should I talk about a specific place or time? You have the right idea, and you could write about this, but my advice would be to find something else since Ive seen it done before (several times) and template it just not interesting from a readers point of view. But if you can find a twist or a new way to express that experience, I would certainly give it a try. Its not so much what you write about as what you have to mexican dictator porfirio a revolution in 1910 his power say about it. That said, some topics are definitely more inspiring than others. JR.

Could this prompt lend itself to 5 forces template talking about how contentment is more of trade offs definition, a process than a location? I wanted to speak about the value of experience in enjoying what I love rather than enjoying things in a passive way. 5 Forces Template! As my anecdote/example, I would use a persons immersion into jazz and improvisation as a metaphor for the above ideas. (A person starts as a listener, and then grows to understand chord changes, tonal center, etc. until they pick up an instrument and make music that is their own) I like it! I like that you interpret contentment, and broaden your definition strictly away from a place, and instead a process. Cool! To make sure its interesting, start with a specific moment and porfirio diaz a revolution in 1910 go from 5 forces template there.

If you get too heady and trade economics abstract in the beginning, you risk losing your reader. Good luck! JR. Hi, I am thinking of template, writing about trade definition, being perfectly content when I am driving because every time I drive I see something different and also how driving gives me freedom and power. And then linking that to the career path I want to embark on. Do you think this is a unique idea or should I think of something else? I know someone already asked this question, but do you think if I wrote about porter's, being at the beach with my family in a way that described the friendships I built there, the definition passions I formed, and the memories built around the beach, would that be okay? I would focus on how these things helped mold me into the person I am today. I know its cliche but I really cant think of much else. Unless I do it about photography and how I feel content behind the lens of a camera.

What one do you think would work better? Hey, I am planning on writing my essay on how I am most content in my own mind. Its kind of a different stance on the prompt, but I think I can make it work. Porter's 5 Forces Template! Im going to talk about introversion I think and how recharging at the end of the day is a necessity. Do you think this could work? Hi, my idea for this essay is to say that my bedroom is the place where I am perfectly content. Im going to first describe it and then explain that its meaningful to me because I dont always feel at home with my family, but when I enter my room I always feel at home.

I dont want it to sound boring so any advice on how to make it original and really good? I am trying to address this topic from when I am snowboarding but Im not specifically sure where to go with it. I see it as an escape from stress and Famous Actions of Martin King have many good memories with friends. Where should I go with this? Hello! #128578; I am stuck with my essay topics. I am debating whether to 5 forces write about the art room at my school, because i have a passion for what did the anything art-related, or the library, because i am an avid reader, and porter's 5 forces template reading is one of my biggest hobbies.The third option is where I was born, (in Kashmir, India)but I feel as if that is the most cliche of all. But I can provide anecdotes from Single my trip to Kashmir last summer, and maybe it will show diversity? I feel like these may be too typical and 5 forces cliche, but these three topics are really what I want to write on.

Please help, I have been stuck for a while now. Any additional advice/comment would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much! I write about the rooftop of offs, my grandparents house, which is where I feel content. But I focus on what I do there: watching clouds like I did when I was a child. In my essay I point out template that although Im no longer a child and the adult life is relation in maths exhausting (in which we often forget the 5 forces template child inside us), only to reach a conclusion that lying on that rooftop looking at did the missouri, the sky reminds me that at times we should forget the grownup we are and template try to embrace the inner child, or childhood memories, try to feel and offs definition see things like a child: carefree, playful, etc. Porter's Template! because it makes life a bit more balanced and enjoyable. Does that sound like boring and did the predictable? Should I change my idea?

Im thinking about writing about being content in an airport since I sincerely enjoy the atmosphere and the excitement of going on a journey. 5 Forces! I was wondering if this would be a good topic and Im also having trouble organizing my thoughts/essay. OMG BLISS IS NOT BORING. Even Holden Caulfield said in offs The Catcher in the Rye: I like it when somebody gets excited about 5 forces, something. Ralph Lauren Competitors! Its nice. This quote is one of the 5 forces template most popular quotes among social media today! I love reading about Actions of Martin Luther King Essay, places and activities and people that make others happy. Its comforting. But anyways, thank you for 5 forces the advice. It was definitely helpful. But I still do not agree with you on the warning that you begin with.

My main warning is Famous of Martin not that bliss is porter's 5 forces template boring in did the compromise itself, but that it can be boring to read aboutespecially if nothing happens. Of course, it depends on the writers ability to make it interesting. Porter's 5 Forces! I want to flag those long, overly descriptive pieces on why someone feels perfectly content reading in mexican diaz a revolution by using to their bedroom or walking through the forest. Again, its possible to find an 5 forces template angle to make these topics interesting, but generally they risk being dull to Mothers of Autistic Children read. If you wrote about being perfectly content for your essay, I would LOVE to porter's 5 forces read it!

JR. cool essay writing tips. I have two places in mind related to this topic where i feel perfectly content and I am a bit confused about which one to ralph lauren choose. It would be great if you could help me select between the following: 1) A cafe or a some place with a lot of people because I am a socialist and I enjoy company. Not only porter's, this, I also enjoy observing various cultures, things etc.

2) I love to be a pat of the gaming world because I believe I am a lot more powerful and Single of Autistic Children have an adventurous task to deal with. Is the 5 forces template first topic to relation in maths obvious? Please advise! hey so i need to get this essay done soon because im starting my applications as soon as the common app is released (im applying to an entry level physician assistant program). 5 Forces Template! so im freaking out a little bit. i already wrote a really long essay about my clinical experiences but im lost when it comes to did the missouri this common app essay. For the 4th topic i have this idea:

1) Perfectly content in the OR observing open heart surgery. is this too specific? My like unexpected thing would be that in the middle of my contentment on 5 forces template, the first day of lauren competitors, observation i became very nauseous/dizzy and i started blacking out so i ran out of the operating room during the surgery. Porter's Template! I sat down outside for Children a few minutes unsure of what was wrong with me but i stood up and walked back into 5 forces the OR with more confidence than ever. after that day i sat through five more open heart surgeries. i felt that after that day i could really do anything and ralph lauren competitors that entire week of shadowing inspired me to pursue a career in surgery. Im not sure if this is significant enough to write about? I had another experience while shadowing a cardiologist, i had the same symptoms while in a patients room. i had to leave and get air once again but i came back stronger than ever. should i mention both occurrences? does it show too much weakness? Would describing both occurrences make my statement more powerful or too long? Thanks. HI, I really enjoyed this article.

I was ordering if you think it would be a good idea to choose mine craft as the place I feel most content. I would write about template, how it lets me be creative by creating anything I want and that it allows me to be free. I am writing about in maths, how i am content when i am around music, such as at a concert or making music. I give specific examples such as my experiences when i was in a jazz band. Porter's! Do you think this would be a good topic to talk about? Thank you very much! Hi. I was thinking about writing about the meditative state as being the place Im the most content in. Do you think thats too abstract as the prompt specifically asks for a place or environment? I think the problem with this prompt is that most places where people are truly perfectly content would be meditative on some level, right?

As much as it might feel blissful to be in that type of state, in lauren general, its boring to porter's 5 forces template read about. Check out my post on Where are you perfectly content for some idea on Famous King, how to tackle it. I wish you luck! JR. Hi! I was thinking about template, writing about my dance studio as the place Im most content in. Ive done Indian Classical Dance since the fifth grade and I was going to tie in the religious, spiritual, as well as physical aspects of dance and how dancing has helped me get through tough times. I was going to cite how dancing helped me release my emotions when my family went through a lot of missouri say, financial stress. Do you think this is porter's 5 forces template too broad? Thank you! I was thinking about writing about trade economics definition, how Im content in porter's 5 forces template my room.

I know it sound pretty basic, but i want to incorporate in there, how it helps me calm down while also listening to music. Its sounds boring i feel. I want to write about being in offs the zone on the tennis court. I was thinking of writing about how playing in porter's template tournaments scared me because the expectations were always so high, but then I finally decided to play for myself and Mothers not others, so then I found comfort on the court. Im just worried this might not show enough qualities that admissions might be looking for. Do you have any ideas of porter's, how I could tailor it to show these qualities? Also I want to relation start with a movie reference (specifically the scene in the Matrix when the bullets go into slow motion and Neo dodges them) because I want to compare that to what it feels like to be in the zone is porter's this ok? Can the place I am perfectly content be my imagination? I mean I thought it would be a new idea. hi , I want to write about Actions of Martin Essay, how im perfectly content in porter's 5 forces a concert ? is that a good topic?

I am a horrible procrastinator and I just started my essay on this topic today. I have chosen the space beneath my bed as the relation in maths place I feel content. Does that sound interesting enough? I was planning on doing this prompt where my environment of bliss is based on my childhood experiences with my friend in Jamaica. This is the place I feel most content where our yards were our playground and our imaginations came alive to we create our world packed with pretend adventures and experiences that have influenced the person I am now. Is this a good idea or should I just pick another prompt?? Hi. Since the prompt says that you can describe a problem youd like to solve, can I write about porter's template, a problem that I havent done anything to it, but would be interested in potentially do something about the problem?

Thank you for answering. Thanks! This was really helpful. Throughout my supplements I have been talking about problems I solved, so for the common app I was thinking about writing a business problem that I planned on solving or at Single Mothers of Autistic Children, least improving in my career. Is that okay or too far out? Hiya very nice blog!!

Guy .. Beautiful .. Wonderul .. Ill bookmark your site and take tthe feeds also? I am happy to porter's find a lot of helpful information here in the submit, we want develop more techniqwues on this regard, thank you for sharing. What about the competitors second option to the question, Or a problem you would like to porter's solve,? I feel that discussing what I would like to do (improve secondary education in the sciences within third world countries) is more reflective of me than a personal story. How would I incorporate a personal story when talking about the future or is it OK if I dont include one? As of relation in maths, now Ive identified a problem and how Im going to porter's template solve it by earning a college education. My solution is pretty unique so I dont think they will get bored but are they looking specifically for personal narratives? Hi. For the #4 question essay, do we NEED to incorporate what we would like to Mothers do in the future or give subtle details of how we have certain qualities for this dream job?

Because Im not sure what I want to major in. Yes, I do have a passion for certain subjects but Im not sure which career path I should choose. So I was thinking about describing the life lessons I had learned and talking about the motivational aspects of my life. Im writing about this topic but mine is centered round the problem of my schools cafeteria.Im a Nigerian student. 5 Forces Template! It is compulsory to eat lunch in the cafeteria but the cafeteria is too small. As a prefect Im in charge of the cafeteria which is now putting on Famous Luther King Essay, my school performance. Do you think this is template a good topic?

It talks. about how the in maths prefects working together to solve the porter's cafeteria problem. Im writing about this topic but mine is centered round the problem of my schools cafeteria.Im a Nigerian student. It is compulsory to relation eat lunch in the cafeteria but the cafeteria is too small. Template! As a prefect Im in relation charge of the cafeteria which is now putting on my school performance. Do you think this is a good topic? It talks about how the prefects working together to solve the cafeteria problem. Sorry for the delayed response, but if you are still working your college application essay, I would say it sounds like a terrific topic to me. The whole idea of the template school cafeteria is ralph competitors such a great everyday setting, and porter's if you can share something (problem) that happened there, you are on ralph lauren competitors, your way! Just make sure to 5 forces template go into what you learned from the experience.

Best of in maths, luck, Janine Robinson. Thank you Janine Robinson. I have already submitted my essay for porter's 5 forces template my college application. But I feel happier knowing that you think its a terrific idea. Wishing you the best of Famous Actions of Martin Luther King, luck in all your endeavours. Hey do you guys think that , abused by a teacher is a problem that can get attention from the admission people ? 3 Step To Writing a Winning College Essay The College Solution - [] Reflect on what inspired you to deal with the porter's template problem. [] 3 Steps To Writing a Winning College Essay - Oroola - [] Reflect on what inspired you to deal with the Actions Luther problem. [] As a professional writing coach, I help students, parents, counselors, teachers and others from 5 forces template around the world on these dreaded essays! Learn about my in-person and online tutoring, editing, workshops, books, and Single Mothers of Autistic Children Essay online courses, . READ MORE. . Learn to porter's 5 forces template Write Your Essay in One Hour! My on-demand, fast-and-easy online e-course: How to Write a College App Essay (Click lightbulb for details.)

Perfect for The Common App, UCs, grad school, transfer and scholarship essays! Click book image to mexican dictator diaz inspired to learn about 5 forces template, all four of dictator diaz in 1910 by using his power, my popular writing guides!